Bastion and Angelous both agreed to this, Lynn was talented with what she had but out there they will look for anything to kill you and that includes using black magic. She would need to train nonstop, learn each individual magic type and how to counter them or avoid…

Bastion smiled as he felt the slight shudder that he had come to know that accompanied the TARDIS. He frowned when Lynn told them to go ahead without her, he knew they would have to talk so he stayed were he was and nudged Angelous. “You got check out your new gaf, well catch up soon.” Angelous looked up at Bastion with a confusion on his face but didn’t protest, he merely nodded slightly and joined Tess at the doorway. -Ladies first.- He said holding the door for her and closing the TARDIS door behind them. Bastion shuffled his feet along the floor to get to the console opposite Lynn, his sight was restored to a minimum at the moment but it would take a while to fully regain it. He placed one hand on the console and sighed. “Are we okay??” He asked in a mild tone of voice, he didn’t want to push her to talk to him if she didn’t want to but he need to know she was going to come back to see him in the future.

Angelous glanced over the room as he stood next too Tess. There was a thin layer of dust on the furniture meaning he hadn’t been back for a while, he walked over to the couch that was placed across from were the TARDIS had placed its self and he took a seat to observe the room a bit more. The room was almost bear apart from this couch and Bastion’s desk and chair, he felt like it needed more but couldn’t think of what it was. He noticed an upright pentagram painted on the roof with some scribblings inside it. -Do you know what that is?- He asked Tess.

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