Bastion lay on the blood soaked floor for what felt like hours but had only been minutes, his vision was blurred and his body felt broken. He heard screams coming from down the hall that sounded like they came from his mothers room, his eyes returning to focus but he…

Bastion couldn’t move from the door he was now slumped on, his breathing became shallow as he felt noshes and his knees felt like they where about to give out from out him with the sight of the red stains that covered each wall. His mother gave one last scream before there was only silence left ringing through Bastion’s ears, he slid down the door to his knees, turning slowly to rest his back on the door, his head was spinning and his eyelids drooped heavily over his eyes. He could feel him self slipping into a deep sleep, it was only a few seconds his eyes were closed before heard the drawers holding the door closed being moved, he tried screaming but his lungs didn’t allow it and all he could do was wait till his father came for him. Suddenly the front door was forced open and a voice shouted about how they heard screaming, his father stopped instantly as the voice announced it’s self, Bastion knew this was his only chance of safety and he took in as much air as he could before letting out the loudest scream he could with the little air he could. Tears streamed down his face as he heard fumbling in the room behind him and the stranger rushing up the stairs to his scream, as the man appeared in Bastions’s blurred vision there was a crashing sound from the room, the man moved him from the door and rammed the blocked door to get to his father. As the door swung open from the man’s force against the door Bastion was able to see into the room and his eyes were drawn to only one thing. On the wall righten in his mother blood was ‘YER NEXT RUNT’. The world around Bastion and Red went black to Red in seconds and they were thrown back into the real world. Bastion fell to the floor holding his hands over his eyes, just under his breath he mumbled something repeatedly.

(Source: obscura-paradox)


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