"you can’t watch an entire tv series in one night"


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With every hit of Red’s hand the glass began to break then return to its natural state, Bastion began to panic as the footsteps grew ever closer and the singing became a symphony in his ears. He turned to Red, tears beginning to stream down his eyes. “I can’t….. I…

As Red followed through the parallel world, using only the refections in the picture frames mounted along the wall, Bastion and his mother descended to the ground floor down a flight of stairs, the small house was a semi-detached house. Bastion clung to his mothers hand as they took the stairs down to the bottom floor, his mother still singing her song to calm Bastion down from his day and she would always put her sons well being before her own. The wall of stairs was covered with pictures of his mother in various places like parks and shops, obviously his father had took them as he wasn’t in any of them. As they hit the bottom of the stairs there was a small hallway also with pictures and one large mirror, his mother stopped at the mirror as she fixed her long deep red hair and giving a smile before continuing to the kitchen just at the end of the small hallway. Bastion raced into the kitchen ahead of his mother and she stayed behind him on purpose, knowing she was faster but always let him win just because it made him happy. “I win!!” He exclaimed as he reached the counter, it was taller than him but he put his hand up on it anyway. “Yes you did baby.” She pretended to be out of breath to boost his confidence. “When I’m big like you mom I’m gonna be faster than Sonic too!!” Bastion struck a pose much like Sonic’s with his signature thumbs up.

As his mother was about to laugh at his cute pose the front door opened. ‘Emily yae hame?’ A mans voice boomed through the house, Emily looked to the living room trying to see her husband. “Put your hand behind your back, Bastion.” She whispered to her son. “We’re in the kitchen.”

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                                                Do not

                                                                      I will

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